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that’s actually my number one tip for how to support your mentally ill friend/partner/family member, being prepared to repeat yourself a lot. regardless of individual diagnosis almost all of us need people to be patient with us, because there are some facts that might seem evident to you that just won’t stick in our brains, be it “you are a good person deserving of love” or “your medication is working” or “you are not being pursued by demons”. often we are aware that we are having the same conversations over and over and often we feel bad about it. be gentle with us

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60mins sketch tag today. I have been waiting for this topic since a few months ago!! Yeahhhh



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しあわせかよちん | ぶろも [pixiv] 


Aww they are so cute :33

Credit goes to NG from pixiv.

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おやすみ by ウメ on pixiv

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job interviewer: so where do you see yourself in three years
me: midnight premier of pacific rim 2

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sensation comics featuring wonder woman 007

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